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Years ago while at a baseball game, an old man with a long white beard sat next to  Zedo and said, ” Hello Santa” Zedo replied, ” I am not Santa.” The old man said, ” Yes you are. I am Santa and it takes a Santa to know a Santa.” This meeting changed his life, Zedo has embraced the Santa lifestyle ever since. Zedo Claus was mentored by Santa Norm. He has attended Santa Camp and has taken the Santa Oath. Zedo has been Santa at schools, private parties, businesses, Christmas events for cities large and small, and he has been an official Santa for NASCAR. Zedo is at his best interacting with people of special needs of all ages. There is nothing he likes better than to sit with children and talk to them about their dreams and wishes.  Zedo is versed in the Orthodox Christmas traditions. Zedo Claus is a member of of the International Brotherhood of Real Bearded Santas (IBRBS). He is also a member of the NORPAC Santas. He has a current background check and carries professional liability insurance.

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  1. Angel says:

    I am so overwhelmed with emotion as I had a dozen Santa responses to my post. I can’t tell you how much this touches me and will mean to my friend. I have confirmed with a Santa to come for this event. I knew deep down the magic of Christmas would make something happen if I put my need out there. You are all so amazing! Thank you so so much! My heart is so full!

  2. Jerry Galland says:

    They are seeking a fully Vaccinated Santa

  3. Santa Mark says:

    I would like thank IBRBS and NORPAC for this wonderful opportunity. I attended the School of Santas in Branson, MO July 15-18. We received instruction from a Professional Photographer, A Mrs. Claus that n0t only instructed the Mrs. Claus’s in attendance but also the Santas on how to best work as a team. Our primary instructor was Santa True conducting his Christmas Performer Workshop. As you might imagine the four days were jab packed with information and fellowship with all of the other attendees.

    Santa Mark

  4. I may have gotten this one filled.

  5. I have contracted for this job!

  6. Jim Repeta emailed me stating this has been filled… 🎅