Santa Visit

Looking to see if another Santa could take over my contract for Schilter Family Farms this year. I was scheduled to start last year, but then COVID hit and the event was moved to this year. I am doing less Santa gigs this year for personal reasons, and would like to give this over to another Santa. My contracted rate was $100/hr for a total of 9 hours. Please let me know if you are interested in taking over this event. This is an outdoor (covered from elements) photo shoot style event where people coming to get their tree can get a photo with Santa as well.

Requester Name: Russell Albright II
Requester's Phone Number: +1 253-495-8677
Is this a multi-day event?: Yes
Do you have a date range?: No
How many?: 3
Event date: November 27, 2021
Event time start: 12:30 PM
Event time end: 3:30 PM
2nd date of event: December 4, 2021
2nd event time start: 12:30 PM
2nd event time end: 3:30 PM
3rd date of event: December 11, 2021
3rd event time start: 12:30 PM
3rd event time end: 3:30 PM
Location name: Schilter Family Farms
Event Address: 141 Nisqually Cut Off Rd SE
Event City: Olympia
Event State: WA
What type of event: Photo Studio

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  1. I may have gotten this one filled.

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