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    Ron Highfill

    Does anybody happen to have the white NorPac SANTA decals for the cars windows that I can get a couple of? I have the white Santa face and I’d like to put the group name underneath it!


    Those were made, if I remember correctly, by Jerry Galland. Who has unfortunately moved to Arizona.

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    Ray Lewis

    Can we get permission to copy??

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    What I meant is he had the equipment and printed them. It is just our standard logo, as far as I know.

    Jerry Galland

    I may still have some. Give me a day or so to search.

    The machine that I used to make them is still in storage.
    If anyone wants the file to make their own, of have them made, let me know and I will share.Jerry
    Ray Lewis

    Thanks Jerry

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    Santa Mark

    Hey Jerry

    If you want to share with me. My daughter in-law has a machine. I could then make some and share with NORPAC.

    I hope and trust you and Tracy are adjusting well to your new home.


    Jerry Galland

    Sent you a few files, let me know if your daughter-in-law can work with them.

    Merry Christmas,

    Santa Jerry Galland

    Sleigh: 206.300.4879


    “All who visit Santa has a story and Santa Jerry is eager to hear it”

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    Hi Jerry,I used to do that, but not any more.Santa Jim

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Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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You are here: Message Boards General Questions ‘Norpac Santa window decals.