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    The Santa group met for lunch at Mitzel’s in Fife.

    Santa Ron Kearns welcomed everyone to the lunch and blessed the meal.

    Introductions were made and new attendees introduced themselves: Bruce Ferrie from Victoria BC (10-11 years as Santa), Dennis from Woodinville (8 years), Scott and Cassie from Bremerton (started as a joke when 18 in Pendleton, OR and has loved it since), John and Debie from Tacoma (Several santas had invited him to a convention and they attended the Great Wolf Lodge event, first year).

    Meeting dates were discussed with tentative plans for:
    May 7, 2011 (Saturday) Chinese Buffet in Bellevue
    August 14, 2011 (Sunday) Santa Tom hosting at Panorama City (Lacy) dining room
    November 4 & 5, 2011 Great Wolf Lodge, Grand Mound, WA

    Suggestions for the November meeting: 2 day event
    Arrive Thursday night
    No lunch everyone eat at local restaurant of their choosing
    Seminars on Friday and Sat
    Charge a registration fee to cover incidentals
    Everyone make their own reservations so no one is stuck with room charges
    Keep the Parade
    Include the media

    A brief explanation of FORBS was made. The membership fee is $25 per year. The important value of FORBS is the liability insurance plan including defense against abuse and molestation charges. A background check in required. The FORBS meetings also offer great networking opportunities as well as a method for posting job opportunities.

    Time was spent on sharing favorite Christmas memories from the past year. Sharing was by: Dawn who taught sign language at Great Wolf Lodge, Santa Benny, Santa Al, Santa Owen, Santa John, El Gaucho, Santa Ron, and Santa Gene.

    Santa Ron asked all to turn in volunteer hours to him. These will be forwarded to FORBS.

    Santa Trevor Waltos has agreed to set up a website with calendar. It was asked that he link the NORPAC website with the FORBS site. Trevor needs a picture in Santa attire of the Santa’s and Mrs Causes if they wish to be on the web site. Email them to

    Santa Bruce Ferrie from Victoria reported an incident in which a child told him he was being abused. He suggested that if this happens to you, contact a Social Services person or Mall Security, not the police. The police will come to your site and want to arrest someone. His suggestions were made to protect the image of your working environment.

    Several suggestions were made by the group:
    Santa gigs-confirm date and time to avoid confusion
    Materials available at JoAnne Fabrics and Hancocks
    Pouch in santa bag for spare glasses, gloves and wipes
    Hats – use terry cloth baseball hat
    Strep throat – ask for a steroid shot, clears right up
    Scotch guard white fur to make cleaning easier
    Make socks pull on
    Washable santa suits-clear detergent
    Don’t forget the older people: veterans, assisted living facilities, etc
    Great Wolf – kids had a blast bring your grandkids

    Respectfully recorded from notes by Mrs Claus Karen Hayes and Maureen Weisser

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You are here: Meeting Minutes Meeting Minutes, February 5 2011

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