April 3, 2021 General Meeting

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    Jerry Galland

    Several board members logged on, Board members in attendance were Ron Kearns, Russell Albright ll, Dennis Gorley, Mark DeMonbrun, Dennis Simpson, Ernie Walker, Jerry Galland



    Santa Ron called the meeting to order at 10:00.


    Discussed having the Brothers Claus. Having conference away from the GWL


    Member comments:


    Chuck Parrish – yes- feels comfortable things will be better

    Cameron, – Likes the idea of Brothers Claus and closer than GWL

    Bill Strong – yes and vaccinated, holding October open for in-person

    Dave – yes and SeaTac is better.

    Maureen and Gary – hoping to attend, vaccinated, open to change in venue

    Jerry – mentioned how many would be at the host hotel – would be attending

    Marshall – vaccinated – good with the venue change – charity but wants info for setting up as a business

    Gene Sanders – good with venue change, will attend, Jim Lund is recovering from cancer and needs our prayers.

    Pat Oster – (Through chat) I plan to attend. hope to go back to great wolf in the future

    Mark Demonbrun – excited to attend, staying at host hotel.

    Randy Mawdsley and Marsha – asking about location.

    Dennis Gorley – apprehensive to in-person, unsure about attending

    Dennis Simpson – vaccinated, not sure about attending

    Dan Bartel – location change good, plan to attend, Will it be simulcast?

    Ron offered that he has a tech guy that can, discussing amongst the board on streaming or recording. May record and make available to members.


    Next in-person event- August meeting and BBQ at Ernies’ August 7th


    June meeting is Zoom or Billy McHales.


    Gene asked about sending questionnaire to general membership.


    Marshall – optional in-person June meeting at a convention center or other venue with catered lunch.


    Ron asked Gene to check into Oceans 5 for catered June Meeting


    Meeting adjourned at 11:10am




    Russell offers hybrid event

    Put out a survey to the general.


    Stay at host hotel?






Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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You are here: Meeting Minutes April 3, 2021 General Meeting

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